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AI : Machine Learning in Tomorrow’s World

David BECK Academic - Geo economics & Tech

Machine learning is undergoing important developments and its potential impact in various industries may well surprise in a few years. Machine learning is likely to revolutionize many sectors, both in terms of optimizing existing infrastructures and in terms of short, medium and long-term developments. However, for many professionals, this seems futuristic while the social impact, mainly in terms of employment, will be very important.


Machine learning can have a very interesting effect on the agricultural sector, especially in terms of optimizing crops according to climate, plot characteristics and market prices. Better yields and therefore greater profits for less environmental impact.

machine learning agriculture

Consumer Products

On the customer side, data and consumer behavior analysis will allow to reorganize the store, to rethink the layout of the shelves or the products to increase sales. On the supplier/distributor side, machine learning will enable further optimization of inventory management.

machine learning consumer products
Key Points
  • Machine Learning in Agriculture: optimize crops according to climate, plot characteristics and market prices
  • Machine Learning in Consumer Products: reorganize the store, rethink the layout of the shelves, optimize of inventory management

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