David BECK analyzes technological issues from a political, economic and management perspective.

Wine economics & digital transformation

David BECK – Consultant for wine boards – Editor wine and digital transformation – Contributor of French government agency publications – Lecturer in business school – 7 years of living in China – French citizen living in Lyon – Trail running.

David BECK’s 15 years in the wine business include consulting on a broad spectrum of industry matters and wine economics.

Before creating Wine Analytics, David spent thirteen years in the wine market research  industry, as Managing Director of MiBD Market.

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A recognized authority on the wine industry, David Beck has been writing articles about wine markets over the years. David also provides insights on the latest wine business and AI developments in wine journals. He wrote chapters on business trends and culture in Business France’s publications. David is a lecturer at INSEEC, the wine Bordeaux business school.
David Beck has addressed major wine trade unions (wine boards) in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Provence, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and in Australia, and Chile. He is also a consultant for wineries, importers, and marketing agencies.

Areas of Professional Consulting Expertise

  • Wine industry economic, business & marketing studies
  • AI & Digital Transformation
  • Market positioning & price segmentation analysis
  • Strategic market planning
  • Wine industry presentations and briefings.

Guess speaker

Bordeaux, 16 Dec. 2021

David Beck, editor of Wine Analytics, will be speaking at Inseec’s Wine and Spirits Chair to discuss AI & Wine Business

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